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At SoliDerma we are delighted to offer our patients a non-surgical means of rejuvenating the ageing neck. As we age, certain dynamic muscles in the neck can become more prominent, often causing wrinkles, lines, and an aged appearance. Fortunately, Botox can help relax these hyperactive muscles and give the neck a more youthful appearance. At SoiDerma clinic our experts adopt a safe and reliant way of injection. Our Doctor is a trained Aesthetic and UK qualified from top UK centres. 


How Does Botox for the Neck Work?


We have a pair of vertical neck bands, known as platysma muscle bands, at the front of the neck. As part of the natural ageing process, these vertical bands become more noticeable due to the fact that they are almost always in use. Dynamic muscles such as these commonly increase in size after years of hyperactivity. Additionally, our skin loses volume and becomes more lax as we age, making the platysma muscle bands even more prominent and causing the neck to appear older.

Botox is a neuromodulator that, when injected into a muscle, stops some of the neural signals from being transmitted thus relaxing the muscle’s hyperactivity. When injected into the vertical bands of the neck, Botox will relax the dynamic muscles, making them less prominent, and resulting in a smoother, younger looking neck. The results of Botox injections into vertical neck bands generally last up to 6 months. The procedure, as with any Botox treatment, can be repeated when the results begin to wear off. Many patients often experience optimal non-surgical neck lift results when they undergo Botox for the neck. 


Botox for Neck bands FAQs


Q: How long will Botox for the neck results last?

A: Patients generally experience Botox results for up to 6 months. Of course, this timeframe will vary from patient to patient depending on the number of units injected, the location of injection, and how the individual’s body metabolizes the Botox. The great thing about Botox, though, is that the treatment can be performed again when results begin to abate.


Q: Do Botox neck injections hurt?

A: Typically Botox injections are painless, but there may be a slight discomfort at time of injection. If concerned about feeling the injection, let your dermatologist know and they can apply a topical anaesthetic before the procedure.


Q: What is the recovery following Botox for the neck?

A: A benefit of Botox injections for rejuvenation is that there is no downtime! Patients can return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment. Some patients do experience slight swelling, redness, bruising, or itching at the injection site; however, these Botox side effects will diminish within a few days. Always be sure to contact your physician right away if concerned about a side effect you are experiencing.

You will be offered a free follow up appointment with the first two weeks after the injection to make sure you are progressing well. 


Q: Can I get Botox for neck bands at the same time as another cosmetic procedure?

A: Yes! Many patients often get Botox injections in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments to experience optimal results. Botox of the neck can be performed at the same time as a liquid facelift for total non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today so that they can devise a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.



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