Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis

Excessive armpit sweating is known as axillary hyperhidrosis and affects about 1% of the population. Hyperhidrosis in the armpits results in extreme sweat under the arms that often drips and does not respond to traditional antiperspirants. Patients with this condition produce sweat in the armpits with even the slightest activity and often while at rest.

We most commonly think of Botox as a treatment for wrinkles, but did you know that it can also help patients suffering from the embarrassing effects of excessive sweating? 

Botox is approved for treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating!

SoliDerma Clinic experts will help you to get ride of the embarrassing effects of excessive armpit sweating. 


Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Botulinum toxin A injections are an effective nonsurgical method of treating excessive armpit sweating. By injecting Botullinum toxin A into your armpits, it blocks the sympathetic nerve impulses that stimulate the excessive sweating. 

Botox for sweating is quick, and doesn’t even require the use of an anaesthetic! 

Botox for Hyperhidrosis FAQs

It can be incredibly frustrating dealing with excessive sweat. Soliderma Botox experts are here to help make your search for a solution a little easier. You will be able to make accurate treatment decision once you speak to us. 


I have answered few of the most common questions that usually come up in most of our minds when it comes to Soliderma Botox Hyperhidrosis Treatment.  


Q: Are Botox injections painful?

A: Neuromodulator injections typically do not hurt, but there may be discomfort when injected into the hands and/or feet however we it is not yet licensed in UK for hand and feet yet. However, for your information, In those cases the injector will use a temporary nerve block to eliminate the discomfort and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. A topical anaesthetic can also be applied prior to injections in the armpit if you are concerned about feeling them, however it is not usually needed. 


Q: How long are the treatment sessions?

A: Having botox injection for armpits is not a lengthy procedure at all, it takes about twenty minutes, it is a great option for the busy individual. Treatment can be repeated once results wear off.


Q: Who should perform hyperhidrosis Botox injections?

A: Anyone seeking botox for hyperhidrosis should make sure it is done by a qualified, experienced doctor who has had specialised training in injectable treatments. 

In SoliDerma Aesthetic clinic we only allow a certified and UK qualified doctor to perform that kind of injection. Our experts are ready to help you overcome your hyperhidrosis quickly. 


Q: How long does a treatment last?

A: Nerve blocking through botulinum toxin A is a temporary treatment that can be repeated once the results wear off. Optimal results typically last up to six to eight months, depending on the treatment area and the speed at which your body metabolises the medication.


When do I seek doctors' advice? 

If you are considering whether or not you should book a consultation with our doctor regarding Botox for excessive sweating.  here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Has my sweating become embarrassing?

If excessive sweating is causing social embarrassment and is becoming noticeable to those around you, then you should consider seeing a doctor. Hyperhidrosis can have a serious effect on your work and personal life.


Self questionaire 

Am I sweating more than usual?


A sudden change in the amount you sweat could signal a more serious internal problem. Abrupt, excessive sweating might be tied to kidney disease, liver disease, or a thyroid gland issue. It’s best to speak with an expert doctor regarding the rapid and unexpected change in the amount of sweat your body is producing.


Am I sweating for no reason?


There times where excessive sweating is expected. For example, a woman approaching menopause can expect to see an increased amount of sweating. However, if you find yourself sweating for no obvious reason, a doctor may be able to help you treat the problem. People suffering from hyperhidrosis will sweat even after minimal physical activity or have frequent night sweats. This type of sweating is not typical and could mean that you need to seek treatment.


Why Botox is the best treatment for sweating? 

Botox is injected into the underarm and acts as a blocking agent against the nerve signals that fuel excessive sweating. The Botox shuts down sweating completely and some patients reported no longer having to use deodorant as a result! This non-surgical procedure is completely painless and does not require the use of an anaesthetic. When Botox is strategically placed into the armpit, it can minimize the embarrassing and uncomfortable effects of excessive sweating.


Don’t let the discomfort and humiliation that comes from excessive sweating last another day! Call the …. and speak with one our experts about why Botox for excessive sweating is the right choice for you.  …. schedule a consultation today! 



SoliDerma will help you to face the world with confidence.

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  • The treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis is a simple procedure that is relatively quick to perform and has a low risk of complications. The technique produces a high level of satisfaction in a large majority of patients.
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