Clinic opening is guided by govenment instructions.


After careful risk assessment, the clinic board decided to change the flow of cases in the clinic to be inline with government and WHO requirements to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. 


The following will apply during the coronavirus pandemic: 


  • Covid 19 consent ( You will receive electronically upon booking) must be filled, signed and sent electronically 24 hrs prior to the appointment. Be aware if this is not followed your appointment will be canceled and you might lose your deposit.   
  • Please arrive only on your appointment time, if you arrive early remain in your car till your appointment time. 
  • On the appointment time please ring the door bell for Clinic 7 in the Wellbeing centre and wait till  you are invited in. 
  • Temperature check and confirmation of filling of covid 19 consent. If all okay, you will be invited to the clinic room with Dr.Soliman/ Hala
  • One person policy strictly applies. Only the patient will be allowed to be in the treatment room, no relatives/friends will be allowed in the building . If you are coming with friend or relative he/she will remain outside the premises till your appointment is over. 
  • The treatment room will be sterilised prior to each treatment, Dr.Soliman/ Hala will be wearing PPE in the form of gloves, Water resistant face mask, Plastic Apron and Facial shield. Risk assessment for the procedure will be carried out and the face mask used might be changed to different type accordingly. 
  • Both patient and doctor should do all efforts to make the exposure time minimum by getting into the point and avoid unnecessary side discussions/topics. 
  • There will be no access to the Wellbeing centre toilet facility in the initial phase of reopening.
  • Our risk assessment showed some procedures are higher risk  e.g. Lip augmentation and DNB, we strongly recommend such treatments to be avoided during the initial phase of re-opening , unless indicated for any given personal or health reasons. 
  • These restrictions will lead to less number of cases to be seen per clinic session. In turn this will mean longer waiting time for appointments, Please be patient and rest assured Dr.Soliman will do his best to accommodate your circumstances. 


For Bookings 

please send email to  stating your name, telephone number, email address and area to be treated. 

 We will contact you as soon as possible. 


You may use WhatsApp ( 07400078423 ) for sending the required information. 


 Deposit will be required for any booking T&Cs and 48hrs Cancellation policy applies.

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